Step 2 - You either have the option of including The Wedding List link on your wedding invitations with the dates of access (at least 1 month before the wedding) or use our complimentary invitation cards to insert with your wedding invitations if required.

On the access date
, The Wedding List will send your guests a gentle reminder that the list is open for purchases (an email list will have to be provided from the couple and will strictly be used only on this occasion).
Step 3 - We will send you a document to fill out with all the gifts you would like to purchase. You will have the choice between using generic photos for each item off our list or sending us photos of the specific items you may have seen in the shops. You may of course also use a mix of the two.

You will also have to specify the quantity and cost you would like to put towards each item.   If you are including your own photos of the item you have seen in a shop, you will also need to specify the quantity as well as the exact high-street cost.
This can also apply to any contributions for a honeymoon, a three-piece suit etc…

All items should be stated in Singapore dollars.  At your request, and for your guests' ease, we can also give an approximate estimate of each item in your chosen currency (where the bulk of your guests are from).

We suggest you register with us 2-3 months before the wedding.
Step 1 - Click here to find out how to register or email us if you have any queries.

To personalise your website, you will have the option to provide a pdf. or jpg. format copy of your 'Save the Date' invitation which can be placed on your personalised home page.

You will also have the option to provide your 'wedding information' you would like your guests to have for the big day, including hotel options and information etc…(this can be provided later).

You will then be given a personalised website name to include in your wedding invitations and an access date
(date from which your wedding list will be accessible for purchases).
Step 4 - Every time a purchase is made, your personalised wedding list will be updated and the purchased items removed / quantity decreased (making it impossible for other guests to buy the same item).
An automatic generic message will be sent out to your guest thanking them for their gift.

(at extra cost) - We can send out a more elaborate 'thank you' message to your guests and include a personal message from you as well as thanking them for the exact item they bought. 

(at no extra cost) - If you would like, we can update you as and when each guest buys you a gift.

You will of course be sent an email including all purchases after the wedding too (please see below).
Step 5 - We will send you a full disclosure of all the items which were purchased and how much was spent per item and in total.

We will then send you the total sum in bulk by direct transfer to your bank account at a date of your choosing. You can then purchase all the items you had previously chosen.

We will also send you any personal messages your guests may have sent on purchasing the items.
How it works