Why Choose Us
Why Choose Us
Contributions - You will not feel bad asking for monetary contributions towards an expensive purchase / honeymoon.
Efficient - Everything can be done online and there is no need to visit any stores.
Flexible - Easy to use generic images are at your disposal to showcase what you would like bought for you. You can also use images of your own.
Stress-free - You don't have to manage your own list because we do all the work for you!

No limited stock - Since you have selected items from stores all over Singapore or Asia, your choice will never be limited.
No returns - Avoid receiving repeat gifts from guests which would otherwise need to be returned / changed.
Satisfied Guests - Your friends and family feel they are getting you something specific which gives their present a more 'personal' feel.
No unwanted gifts - Avoid disappointment by choosing your own gifts.
Cost effective - Avoid shipping your gifts from overseas and your guests having to pay overseas delivery charges.
In your own time - Once you have signed up, there is no rush! - take a couple of months to decide what you would like to add to your list.
Unique gifts - By choosing your own presents, you have the opportunity to ask for unique gifts.
In their own time - Guests can purchase 24hours a day.
No meetings - Avoid lengthy meetings with store clerks.
Absent guests - Guests who are not able to make it can buy you a present online, whenever is convenient for them.
Purchasing your presents - Once you have received all the funds, you can purchase the items in your own time. You will already know what each person wanted to buy you and therefore can write your thank you letters before even having purchased the item.
Safe and secure - Our website guarantees safe and secure transactions. Click here for Paypal's security pledge.
Options - Extra pages on your site for blogs or pre-wedding photos.  Get TheWeddingList.com.sg to purchase your gifts for you - the choices are endless - just ask!
Information - Guests can see your wedding information online if they lose / misplace your invitation and can consult the website at their own convenience.